Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Crowe Consult has a Training Center specially designed for courses, workshops, lectures and events, all to ensure maximum comfort and the best corporate learning experience.

Our short and medium-term courses are ideal for professionals seeking to reach new heights of development and professional growth.

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Courses in the area of Accounting and Corporate Finance
The modernization and digital transformation of processes has transformed the routine and strategic role of Accounting and Financial professionals. Given this reality, we offer specially structured programs to provide successful professional training in business management, enabling the participants to use tools and implement strategies that seek to ensure the efficient operation and financial health of the business.

Courses in the Fiscal area
Fiscal and tax issues are decisive for any organization that seeks longevity in the Brazilian market. Crowe Consult’s Business School courses provide the up-to-date knowledge required for professionals who need to be prepared to deal with tax routines, especially as to the correct form of tax accounting, avoiding possible problems with the tax authorities.

Courses in the area of Purchases
The short and medium-term training courses for the Purchasing area are essentially practical. Students use current methods and tools that are strategic to sustain the business and facilitate decision making.

Courses in the area of Foreign Trade
Business is global, and challenges are as well. Crowe Consult executive education values the importance of Foreign Trade for business growth and economic development. One of our most important short courses is the ‘Prices and Costs in Imports and Exports’ course, which has been specially formulated for professionals who need to be prepared for opportunities and challenges in the international scenario.

Courses in the area of Social Security and Labor Relations
We present innovative courses, designed for professionals who need practical knowledge in the face of changes in Brazilian legislation.

Courses in Human Resources
The courses in the area of Human Resources have a practical focus on the Brazilian labor market. Some of our courses in this category include eSocial Implementation, Human Resources Department Analyst, Salary and Job Calculations.

Courses in the area of Real Estate Developments
This short course aims to update the participants on the accounting standards applicable to real estate development entities, as well as the tax consequences on real estate activity in Brazil.

In Company Training
In-company training is modulated to meet organizational demands in a customized way according to the specific needs of private companies, corporate universities, public organizations and third sector entities.